How long does it take to….

How long does it take to….

Chicago SEOThere isn’t a day that goes by when someone needs to know the answer to the question “how long does it take to get rankings once SEO has begun?”  This question is part curiosity and managing expectations and part holding feet to the fire.  And, unfortunately, the answer which is usually “it depends” doesn’t satisfy any of those queries.

A recent study by BrightLocal has compiled these answers gleaned from dozens of SEO types to put some credence into the “it depends” answer.  They queried pros as to how long it would take to rank for a brand new site, a site that had some SEO done to it in the past, whether the site was in a competitive niche or locale or not, whether there were penalties, and sites that had no SEO done.  The answers are, as you would expect, all different.  The link to the entire article is below and you can delve into the minutia of the data, but generally, expect to see some movement after a couple of months.  The chart above is illustrative of the types of responses you will see in the article.

For our clients, we can usually give them a pretty good idea of what will happen after we do our preliminary site audit.  Our focus is always on a positive ROI for our clients, so no matter how long it takes, we make sure that no money spent has been wasted while their site is moving up the ranks.  SEO is a long term investment and earns a long term return that can be seen in the bottom line every single month.

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