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SEO Expert or Employee?

We are often asked about whether a company should hire someone full time or outsource their internet marketing to a firm such as ours. It reminds us of the lease or buy conundrum that companies face almost every day. Which is in the best interests of the company?

We prepared a video (below) that sums up our feelings on the subject. We don’t think it is possible to get the kind of cutting edge talent in a SEO employee that you can get when you hire our firm. You can go out and find a very competent employee around Chicago for $50K per year, plus benefits, etc. For less, you can get three experts that can be fired if they don’t perform at a moment’s notice without unemployment issues, risk of a lawsuit, etc. We ask the question whether you want to pay for performance, or someone’s time. This is a question worth giving serious consideration to – and it begs the question, are you after results or are you after another body to keep a chair warm and not get top notch talent. The answer is something only you can decide.