Penguin 3.0 – Quality and Sense

Penguin 3.0 – Quality and Sense

Over this past weekend, Google rolled out a Penguin update…the first major update in over a year. Rumors to the contrary, the sky is not falling. However, if your site has been playing fast and loose with Google’s guidelines, then your rankings are definitely falling.

We belong to a pretty tightly knit guru group and the first indications of this update came from the other side of the International Date Line, Australia to be exact. As we all compared notes over the weekend, a few things stood out as targets of this particular update.

As with all Penguin updates, this one concerns itself with links. Sites that got hit badly (none of ours or our clients’ I might add) had low quality links. These links came from blog spam, blog profiles and any other source where one can get a lot of links fast and easily. In general, the more low quality links a site has, the greater the chance that achieved rankings would be lost. In many cases, rankings disappeared altogether below the 50th page. In other words, quality rules the day once again in Big G’s eyes.

Secondly, let’s talk about sense, as in what makes sense to Google. Does it make sense that a site that gets no traffic has 500 links coming into it? Absolutely not. Somehow, this metric has found its way into the Google algorithm and sites that have no traffic, or for searches with very little demand, Google is slapping links that just don’t make sense. Everything in proportion as proportion is a metric that is easily quantified.

So here’s our shameless plug. If you are tired of riding the roller coaster of animal updates from Google because you have had bad SEO done to your site in the past or are just looking to stay out of trouble, you can always give us a call. We’re here to steer you in the right, and most profitable, direction.

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