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OK, so today is Wednesday and it’s the middle of the week and as we sit here waiting for the next Penguin or Panda update from Google the following video just popped up in our YouTube feed. Now, we know that this isn’t the type of Penguin we usually deal with (those Penguins are usually full of problems for our potential clients; our clients needn’t worry about any Penguins at all), but this struck us as pretty funny. It reminds us of the days when Penguins were funny birds that lived in the colder climates and not algorithm changes that wreak havoc all over the Web. Enjoy!

Do What Works Tomorrow

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. This video from Moz highlights not only the importance of link building, but what are good and bad practices. Another important takeaway from this is that you want your SEO firm to concentrate on what not only works today, but what will work tomorrow! Things are changing all the time in the world of the search engine algorithms…you need to be able to see what is coming around the bend so that you can prepare today. One of the things we do here at Chicago SEO Pros is stay on top of the algorithm changes (we have our ways) so that nothing surprises us when an update occurs.

What’s Next?

If you are following the burgeoning social media phenomenon, then the following video will hold your attention for more than 7 seconds. The most poignant observation is that word of mouth is morphing into world of mouth. Are you ready?