Mobile Search Advisory

Mobile Search Advisory

Our customers already know this so this post is directed at those of you have not heard as of yet, your rankings may be in for a drubbing.

Beginning next month, Google will take into consideration how mobile friendly your site is.  If it is not mobile friendly, then Google has advised that it will be “taken into consideration” for rankings.  So in plain terms this means that sites that are mobile-friendly will take precedence over those that are not.

The reason for this change is obvious when you consider that mobile searches, that is those done from a cell phone or tablet, now account for more than 60% of all searches done.  A majority of people are using these devices an not their laptops or desktops, so results need to be clear for them, too.

Google’s mission to provide the best information the fastest also goes for mobile.  If you are concerned that your site cannot pass Google’s scrutiny, then please call.  We can help.


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