Amazon Consulting

Amazon Consulting

So you have an Amazon store that could be doing better? Or perhaps you are a manufacturer and you are tired of seeing your customers ring the cash register on Amazon and you’d like to get in on this opportunity.

Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many businesses are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to ramp up an Amazon business. Amazon has built a cult-loyal following of buyers who would prefer to buy from Amazon than any Mom and Pop store out there. You will even find the country’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailers plying their goods on Amazon – it is that big, that powerful and that well-visited by consumers with money to spend.

It is getting more and more difficult for local retailers to succeed with traditional physical stores. Unless they have a product that is urgent, or perishable, or requires a lot of shopping – they just can’t survive. Consumers know that they can get the product cheaper and in some cases, faster than they can by driving to a retailer and finding (or not finding) what they need.

If your business is not selling on Amazon, what is stopping you? Amazon has more than 200 million credit cards in their file. All people who have the inclination to buy things and pay for them. Are you worried about losing your brand identity? You need not worry, you can protect your brand with Amazon’s brand registry program. Afraid of Amazon’s fees? You should be spending 15% of your top line to promote your store or products anyway, just think of Amazon fees as promotion. They are sending you customers by the millions.

If the reason you are delaying moving your business onto Amazon is that you don’t know how, that is a very easy problem to solve. Let us do it for you. We already have our own Amazon stores and consult with companies who want to grow their top lines. Give us a call without delay. We will explain it to you in terms that you will easily understand. It’s an “aha” moment for sure.

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