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DIY SEO? Think again….

Chicago SEO Pros blog post graphicOctober 3, 2016

Most people reading this blog don’t have a full-time marketing staff that spends a good part of their day just keeping up with what is going on in the wide world of SEO.  It is not  the business you are in; it is not the way you make money and take care of your customers, patients or clients.  Quite simply, there is no way you can possibly know as much as we do about SEO just as there is no way we can know all the latest advances in your industry or specialty.

Most people reading this blog don’t have a full-time marketing staff that spends a good part of their day just keeping up with what is going on in the wide world of SEO.  It is not  the business you are in; it is not the way you make money and take care of your customers, patients or clients.  Quite simply, there is no way you can possibly know as much as we do about SEO just as there is no way we can know all the latest advances in your industry or specialty.

We can usually spend a little time with each of our clients and give them the thirty-five thousand foot view of what is happening with the search engines – at least enough to get them to understand why we are doing the things we are doing for their website without their eyes glazing over after ninety seconds.  Since we take the long term view of everything we do, we don’t concentrate on the flavor-of-the-month when it comes to site optimization.  Our updates are more to keep current with best practices and set the foundation for more success in the future.

The news we want to communicate in this blog is that we view SEO as part of a whole strategy of marketing your business online.  We endeavor to keep our clients apprised of things we have tested and are working (we test on our own properties).  If we see something on the web that might increase conversions, we communicate that to clients so they can decide if that is something they want to participate in.  It is a collaborative effort to be sure.  The takeaway is that there are things that are working out there that 99.99% of companies would have no clue about unless we told them.  That is our job.  To be their partner and share what we know so that we can both prosper together.

Not all SEO is done with links and listings off site.  Some of what we recommend are strategies to improve the quality of the experience your visitors have when they get to your site.  Recently we proposed a quick tweak to the onsite experience of one of our clients that practically overnight doubled the number of requests for quotes.

If you want your company’s site to benefit from the experience and knowledge we spend 24/7 acquiring for our customers, just give us a call or send us a message from our contact us form.  We’ll get right back with you.



Perhaps you have heard elsewhere, or on this blog, about the upcoming Google update that will affect websites that are not mobile friendly. This update should be taken seriously by any company that values their current rankings for lead generation or sales. Google is looking at every site, no matter how big or small.

We have been testing our clients’ sites for few months now and have made adjustments to old programming where needed. There are things we can do to help your business’ site become mobile friendly even if you have had it for many years and don’t want to pay for a whole new redesign. Google’s warning is that rankings will suffer (although they couched that warning in Google-speak) is a warning that we are acting upon while there is still time.

We work primarily in the Chicago area, but are ready to assist you no matter where your company is located. We will do a mobile friendly analysis and give you recommendations as to what can be done to satisfy this new requirement. Not all solutions are time-consuming or expensive. But if your site doesn’t pass the “test”, it will need work before you lose clients and revenue.

And, should you be looking for a forward-thinking marketing company to help your business stay ahead of the game, then we hope you will consider our services at the top of your list. The mobile friendly update is one of the ways that we’ve kept our customers’ sites compliant before the twelfth hour. Your business deserves the same kind of attention. Give us a call at 847-867-0198 or drop me an email at

For further explanation of what friendliness in mobile devices means, then here’s a video for programmers that explains the processes:

What you should expect from a SEO Service

As with most consulting services, it is hard to provide a “standard” service that will fit all businesses. When it comes to SEO, one size definitely does not fit all.

Each website is different. There are no identical websites anywhere on the Internet. Because each site is different, and the goals that each website owner wants to achieve are different, then the tactics or practices that a SEO service firm must take in order to gain the most visibility are necessarily different.

The types of services that you might see promoted are on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, social promotion, penalty recovery services, image optimization and countless others. Each of these services has its own particular set of skills that must be mastered in order to achieve the optimal result for a client. Some people are good at link building, others are better at content optimization. Still others are good at website structure which contributes to user experience which is also a ranking factor.

When you are looking for a SEO firm to improve your web traffic and rankings, make sure you understand what you are paying for, i.e. what services are you getting? If you are only interested in the result, then you are leaving it to the SEO firm to choose which tools in their tool belt they will employ to achieve your desired ranking. If you are paying for one service, then understand that that particular service may improve your rankings, but may not get you to the top of rankings because there are other things that are going on with your site that may prevent an optimal outcome.

We always advise our potential clients to have a site audit performed before they, or their chosen SEO consultant, do anything. A site audit will indicate where there is room for improvement and where there are problems. This will inform which services are needed to get the desired result. Just buying “SEO consulting services” without a plan for success will surely result in disappointment on both sides of the transaction.

How long does it take to….

Chicago SEOThere isn’t a day that goes by when someone needs to know the answer to the question “how long does it take to get rankings once SEO has begun?”  This question is part curiosity and managing expectations and part holding feet to the fire.  And, unfortunately, the answer which is usually “it depends” doesn’t satisfy any of those queries.

A recent study by BrightLocal has compiled these answers gleaned from dozens of SEO types to put some credence into the “it depends” answer.  They queried pros as to how long it would take to rank for a brand new site, a site that had some SEO done to it in the past, whether the site was in a competitive niche or locale or not, whether there were penalties, and sites that had no SEO done.  The answers are, as you would expect, all different.  The link to the entire article is below and you can delve into the minutia of the data, but generally, expect to see some movement after a couple of months.  The chart above is illustrative of the types of responses you will see in the article.

For our clients, we can usually give them a pretty good idea of what will happen after we do our preliminary site audit.  Our focus is always on a positive ROI for our clients, so no matter how long it takes, we make sure that no money spent has been wasted while their site is moving up the ranks.  SEO is a long term investment and earns a long term return that can be seen in the bottom line every single month.

To read the full article, click here.






Google Authorship

Clients have been asking about Google Authorship and why it is important for them to start building content in their name. This will become increasingly important in the future so our tip for today is to start now. Take a look at this video from Google and see how they are going to use authorship to confer authority, and importance, to authors.

New to Marketing Your Business Online?

What is Search Engine Optmization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is one of those industry buzzwords that people think they know what it means, but really know only a fraction of what is involved. Yes, you know you need your site to appear at the top of results, but what factors determine that ranking? This video will give you insight into the process.

How Search Works 101

Although this is a somewhat older video, the principles of search still apply. If you understand how search works, then you will have a better idea of how to make your site more friendly for the search engines, and your potential clients and customers. Always good to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and when it comes to Google, Matt Cutts is the one you want to listen to.

Search Engine Optimization Video – How Search Works

Start Up SEO

If your company is in its early stages of formation, you are probably working on a website.  Whether your site is an e-commerce site, a company site or a social network in the making, you will want to take note of these SEO considerations for your new site.  Google’s Maile Ohye goes over tips to keep you on the white hat side of SEO.



Start Up SEO Video