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SEO Expert or Employee?

We are often asked about whether a company should hire someone full time or outsource their internet marketing to a firm such as ours. It reminds us of the lease or buy conundrum that companies face almost every day. Which is in the best interests of the company?

We prepared a video (below) that sums up our feelings on the subject. We don’t think it is possible to get the kind of cutting edge talent in a SEO employee that you can get when you hire our firm. You can go out and find a very competent employee around Chicago for $50K per year, plus benefits, etc. For less, you can get three experts that can be fired if they don’t perform at a moment’s notice without unemployment issues, risk of a lawsuit, etc. We ask the question whether you want to pay for performance, or someone’s time. This is a question worth giving serious consideration to – and it begs the question, are you after results or are you after another body to keep a chair warm and not get top notch talent. The answer is something only you can decide.

Linking Unnaturally

Perhaps you’ve heard of something called a manual penalty from Google. You will find this notice in your site’s Google Webmaster Tools if you have signed up for WT for your site. (If you haven’t signed up, give us a call and we will walk you through the signup process.) Somewhere in the thousands of lines of code that Google’s algorithm entails is a string that can detect unnatural links. These might be spammy links that you might have bought from a lesser SEO, or something you might have seen online and thought you would like to try.

The problem with these cheap, automated services is that they leave something called a footprint, which is a pattern that is detectable by algorithms. When the flag goes up that there is something fishy with your site, a real person goes through your links to determine if there is a pattern that is unnatural. Hundreds of humans doing things one at a time don’t have a pattern. They use words in different ways. They use different key terms. Their spelling isn’t perfect.

Automated services will use the same keyword terms over and over again in the same ways and that is something that Google will eventually find and penalize. When that happens, you will either need to reverse the offending links by hand, disavow those links, or start over with a new site.