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Private Lead Generation

You are probably familiar with some of the major lead generation websites that are out there.  If you are a lawyer, you might use AVVO or lawyers dot com.  If you are a home contractor, then both Angie’s List and Home Advisor are on your radar.

These types of lead generation programs charge a fee to “belong” to their network and then a “per lead” fee every time they refer a potential client/customer to your phone.  (Email contact information is also used.)

Organic rankings in the search engines all across the country are how these mega-sites harvest potential leads.  A person does a search for say, a divorce lawyer, and one of the mega-sites shows up in a top organic spot.  The individual clicks on the site listing and is directed to a page where there is a list of lawyers who have paid to get listed on that page.  There may be two lawyers on that page or more.  A similar scenario plays out with customers that are looking for roofers on Home Advisor.  There are a few to choose from; all ostensibly vetted by the editors at Home Advisor for their workmanship and solid business practices.

Works fairly well if you are a consumer.  Not as well if you are a business needing a steady flow of leads.  First, you will probably share those leads with one or two other providers.  You still pay for the lead, but you do share it which reduces your chances by one-half or one-third of securing the business for your company.  Another issue is that, in the case of Home Advisor, the homeowner decides what they need and therefore determines your lead cost.  So if they select “replace roof” and what they really need is “repair roof”, then you have paid quite a bit more for a roof replacement lead that really needs a quote for repair, which costs much less per lead.

The answer to these problems is private lead generation.  Private lead generation is a service we provide that harvests leads from search that are delivered directly to you.  We build the online infrastructure to do this completely independent from your online assets.  All leads go direct to your phone.  You don’t share them with anyone else and they can be for any and all services you would like to promote.  If your sales funnel can stand an influx of qualified leads, then this is a service you should look into.  To find out more, just give us a call.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

As the calendar changes, so do the nuances of search engine optimization for our clients.  There are many variables which enter into the ranking algorithms of the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and these seem to increase and decrease in importance with each passing day.

One aspect of optimization that is pretty new and that web site owners should take particular note of is accelerated mobile pages.  This is a project spearheaded by Google and Twitter to allow for quicker downloads of your pages on mobile devices.  In plain speak, this means that your site pages won’t take forever to open and will deliver your content to users without he usual wait for pictures and other rich media to load before the page appears.

Why is this important?  As you may know,  more than 50% of all searches (some say 60%+) happen on a mobile device.  Those users want their answers quickly or they will click away and find another site that delivers content faster.  It is about user experience; and mobile users want fast.  An AMP page is lightweight streamlines your CSS.  It is designed so that Google can cache your site so that it doesn’t actually need to fetch it from your host anymore.

Faster is better in the world of mobile browsing.  Your site will be less favored if it loads slower than other pages that rank for the same terms.  Less favored means less desirable and we all know what that means in terms of ranking, user experience and clicks.  Give us a call to help your site get Amp’d up!

Accelerated Mobile Pages Video

Google explains the importance of AMP pages

April 21 Update

Word is out that this is going to be bigger than Panda…we shall see…but it doesn’t pay to ignore warnings. Check out this video and see what you think about the updates that have happened in the first quarter of 2015 and will happen next month.


Perhaps you have heard elsewhere, or on this blog, about the upcoming Google update that will affect websites that are not mobile friendly. This update should be taken seriously by any company that values their current rankings for lead generation or sales. Google is looking at every site, no matter how big or small.

We have been testing our clients’ sites for few months now and have made adjustments to old programming where needed. There are things we can do to help your business’ site become mobile friendly even if you have had it for many years and don’t want to pay for a whole new redesign. Google’s warning is that rankings will suffer (although they couched that warning in Google-speak) is a warning that we are acting upon while there is still time.

We work primarily in the Chicago area, but are ready to assist you no matter where your company is located. We will do a mobile friendly analysis and give you recommendations as to what can be done to satisfy this new requirement. Not all solutions are time-consuming or expensive. But if your site doesn’t pass the “test”, it will need work before you lose clients and revenue.

And, should you be looking for a forward-thinking marketing company to help your business stay ahead of the game, then we hope you will consider our services at the top of your list. The mobile friendly update is one of the ways that we’ve kept our customers’ sites compliant before the twelfth hour. Your business deserves the same kind of attention. Give us a call at 847-867-0198 or drop me an email at

For further explanation of what friendliness in mobile devices means, then here’s a video for programmers that explains the processes:

Mobile Search Advisory

Our customers already know this so this post is directed at those of you have not heard as of yet, your rankings may be in for a drubbing.

Beginning next month, Google will take into consideration how mobile friendly your site is.  If it is not mobile friendly, then Google has advised that it will be “taken into consideration” for rankings.  So in plain terms this means that sites that are mobile-friendly will take precedence over those that are not.

The reason for this change is obvious when you consider that mobile searches, that is those done from a cell phone or tablet, now account for more than 60% of all searches done.  A majority of people are using these devices an not their laptops or desktops, so results need to be clear for them, too.

Google’s mission to provide the best information the fastest also goes for mobile.  If you are concerned that your site cannot pass Google’s scrutiny, then please call.  We can help.


Mobile-friendly Information Video


More Penguin 3.0

Just a quick update from Mike Pearse, a guy who really knows what he is doing in the world of IM. If this is all Greek to you, then give us a call and we will translate.

Panda 4.0 Update

Perhaps you have noticed a change in your site’s rankings over the past month.  Our own client sites have increased in rankings across the board thanks to solid search optimization practices which have served to bolster  reputation among search engines.  If yours is one of the millions of sites affected by Panda, then we can help you recover your lost rankings.  But first we should tell what this update was all about.

Panda updates are usually about content and this one was no different.  Google hates thin content with no useful value to anyone.  We tell our clients to post at least 300 words to their pages so they can deliver worthwhile content that answers questions completely.  For more information on Panda, we have posted a video below so you can find out more how to avoid these penalties in the future.  Warning:  this video gets into the technical nuances of various updates and may be one of those videos that will make your eyes glaze over.  Never fear…if this is over your head, you can always call one of us and we will explain it to you as it relates to your site.  That’s why we get paid…so you don’t have to deal with Google’s  frequently frustrating updates.


Panda 4.0 News